Business Services

Our business services are perfect for small or large businesses that wish to increase productivity and employee efficacy with wellness programming, grow with our business development services, or support going from idea to inception.
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Bliss House for Business
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    Web Design

    Do you like our Bliss House website? It was designed by us with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Let us design you a gorgeous digital home at a budget-friendly price.

  • The Place
    Branding and Marketing

    We use strategic planning and collaboration to develop the most comprehensive, mission-focused branding and marketing services for your business. We work backwards from your short and long term goals to meet targets and ensure growth.

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    Travel Concierge

    Our Bliss House Consultants know how to curate a blissful and productive travel plan at a fraction of the cost of a travel agency. We'll cover everything from hotel, airfare, wellness services, and make all the reservations.

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    Coaching and Professional Development

    We'll provide the training, coaching, and professional development your business needs to grow and provide your customers with high quality service. Offering virtual and in-person services.

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    Ready to take your business to the next level with an online store to showcase your products and services? We can build it for you and make it visually appealing and functional.

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    Event Planning

    Whether it be a weekly Happy Hour to bring your team closer together or an annual Holiday event, we will work with our partners to plan you the best event complete with all the Bliss House touches.

Wellness Services
On-demand services to pamper the ones you value.

Show your teammates and clients some love with custom beauty products, aromatherapy massage, and other spa treatments.

  • This is the Canadian PSK ( premium starter kit ) 
If you're interested in learning about essential oils or have any questions regarding them please shoot me a message on my Instagram Jaronwhelan ( personal account) or Megan_Jaron_essentials ( essential oils account ).
You can follow this link ( ) to get you're self a PSK today!
    Aromatherapy + Bodywork

    Bliss out to a customized session with therapuetic grade essential oils tailored to meet your needs. We'll meet you where you are.

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    Sound Bowl Healing

    Experience the powerful benefits of sound bowls in an immersive meditation session. Available in person or virtually.

  • Crystal Consciousness
    Distance Reiki and Energy Healing

    Our Master Energy Healers will meet your team in person or virtually.

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    Restorative Healing

    We'll lead your team on a blissful restorative healing journey customized to your need and preferences. We'll practice breathing, stretching, and balancing techniques to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Available in person or virtually.

Bliss House Partners
We love our Partners. You will too.

Our certified and vetted Wellness Partners are ready to bring professional and curated wellness services to your business' team, clients, and future prospects.

  • Christina Pearce

    Virtual or In-Person. Sound Bowl Healing. Guided Meditation. Wellness Coaching and more.

  • Lizzy Guhl

    Offerings include Post-Partum Support, Health Coaching, Yoga/Meditation, and Auryvedic Healing.

  • Christin Menendez

    Master Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®.

Wellness Programming

During your first virtual session with one of our Bliss House Consultants, we’ll learn more about your needs, preferences, and budget. You can always send us a message directly through the Connect button.

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Workplace Wellness Program

We’ll develop a program customized for your organization’s wellness needs. From meditation and massage breaks, to employee appreciation events, planning your holiday party, and never forgetting a client or team member’s birthday, we will cover whatever your budget will allow.

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Client Wellness Program

Perfect for client-focused businesses and commercial residences that want to increase retention and revenue by providing wellness services and co-hosting Bliss House Events. Your clients and residence will love the special treatment and feel extra taken care of by our Wellness Partners.

Event Wellness Program

Perfect for conferences, events, trainings, weddings, and special gatherings, let our wellness partners and event consultants plan the perfect wellness program. From sound bowl healing, meditation, to pop up wellness and aromatherapy rooms, we’ll make sure there are plenty of opportunities for blissful breaks to keep everyone energized and present.

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Non-Profit Wellness Program

Non-profits are doing some of the hardest work for our community. Bliss House offers heavily discounted rates for non-profits and social enterprises that are community-based and serve a need. We’re here to develop a program that takes extra special care of your organization. Our offerings include Self-Care Workshops, events, retreats, and more. Let someone take care of you for a change.

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