Our Mission

To provide greater access to high quality, curated wellness services, both virtually and in-person. Through strategic and collaborative partnership with awesome wellness professionals, we cut costs without sacrificing luxury. We believe wellness should be attainable in any environment.

About Bliss House
With roots in both Miami and DC, and connections globally, we look forward to guiding you towards living your best life.

Bliss House started in Washington, DC as a wellness retreat, bed and breakfast, event space, and artist sanctuary in 2018. We proudly hold the title of being DC's first ever Bud and Breakfast, offering luxury amentities for travelers and tourists looking for a unique getaway.

In 2019, our Founder, Christel Guillen, fulfilled a dream to expand to Miami where wellness, art, and culture intersect abundantly. By connecting with awesome wellness businesses in South Florida, and incorporating our international connections, we are able to provide a network of services on-demand for visitors to Bliss House Miami, and especially to our members.

About Bliss House

About Christel Guillen, Founder
"I have been passionate about wellness and education as a human right, as well as a privilege, for decades."

Christel was born in Camden, NJ to a culturally diverse family and grew up in Tampa, Florida. Two weeks after completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, Christel headed north to start her teaching career after learning about the unjust conditions of many American schools. She taught high school in Washington, DC while completing her Masters in Human Development from George Washington University. She spent the next 10 years as a special education teacher, professional coach, and education leader.

Christel has been practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for almost 20 years and has traveled to over 13 countries discovering wellness in the most beautiful places (mostly islands!). As an educator, she incorporates these wellness tools and strategies with her teaching, coaching, and leadership practices and has seen great results.

In 2017, Christel manifested her dream to become a business owner and began her consultancy to support schools, non-profits, and community-based businesses and organizations. She also became certified to teach Yoga Trapeze and learned the art of Plant-Based Healing, Herbalism and Aromatherapy.

Christel is a lover of culture, art, food, travel, and living her BEST life! Wellness starts in the body and mind, extends to our outer environment starting with our home and then to our personal networks and family. Wellness is about community and collaboration. Bliss House is her way of getting wellness to every body and home!

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