Let us guide you to bliss with a customized wellness plan.
We're here to support your wellness journey from wherever you're starting from. We'll meet you where you are! Bliss House Consultants will curate a budget-friendly wellness plan for all occasions.
A Sample of Our Offerings
Our Bliss House Consultants are highly trained and collaborate with our Partners to expertly curate the best plan for you.

Consultations services are offered virtually or in-person.

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    Virtual Wellness

    We offer customized wellness courses, workshops, trainings, and group sessions to facilitate wellness for any group anywhere.

  • Paper & Pixels Design Studio
    Workplace Wellness

    Wellness at the office is essential for productivity. We'll meet you wherever you are virtually, or we'll customize a wellness program that allows you to enjoy curated wellness services from the office.

  • Too much fruit in the fridge meant it was time to make a smoothie. In went everything. And I mean, everything: kale, arugula, berries, oranges, mint, ginger, chia seeds, honey. Blend. Serve. So happy.
    Bliss House Detox

    Using our signature Bliss House Method, we'll help you remove toxins from your body and home so that you can start with a clean slate. Using budget friendly and bilss promoting options, you'll be surprised how enjoyable a detox can be. .

  • Get Organized
    Get Organized

    Our consultants would love to help you get organized. Have a closet that needs clearing out? We'll help you figure out what to donate and what to keep. We'll even handle dropping the donations off and finding the perfect organization tools to fit your budget.

  • Using a sound bowl for meditation
    Wellness Pop Up

    We'll turn any group gathering and space into a blissful sanctuary and customize our services to meet your groups needs. Our Aromatherapy Bar is perfect for weddings and showers. Or try sound bowl healing meditation for a mental break during trainings and conferences.

  • Aromatherapy Bar
    Aromatherapy Bar

    Our Aromatherapy Bar is the perfect addition to your special event. You and your guests will create customized theraputic scents to add to a variety of home and body products that smell amazing and are highly effective for living a blissful life.

  • Private Wellness Chef
    Private Wellness Chef

    Whether you're looking for a private cooking lesson from one of our wellness chefs or a customized menu for your next dinner party prepared restaurant style in the dining room of your choice, we've got you covered. Give us a budget and we'll handle the rest.

  • Tea
    Plant-Based Healing

    Ready to make the switch to plant based healing? Let one of our friendly herbalists show you how to use herbs, flowers, and roots to make healing teas and wellness products.

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