Christin Menendez

"I empower people to heal and LIBERATE themselves from their past so they can confidently claim a future of total emotional FREEDOM now!"
I teach people how to break free from self-doubt, self-sabotage and fear so they can break through their limitations and take their love life, lifestyle and success to the next level.

About Christin Menendez
I’m passionate about bridging the gap between mindfulness & spirituality and brain & behavioral sciences to give my clients powerful paradigm shifts which introduce them to the life of freedom and possibility that’s been awaiting them all along.

As a trained Master Coach and Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®, I use these healing modalities to:

  • Quickly uncover the root cause of what’s keeping you stuck.
  • Release the emotional charge from triggering events and emotional traumas in your past.
  • Replace your former self-sabotaging stories, beliefs and habits with new, more empowering ones that actually work to support their desires and goals..

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My Service Offerings

To provide guidance and support, accountability, educational resources and practical tools—all within a safe, sacred container of validation and emotional healing. You can’t change what happened in your past, but you can certainly re-write the meaning it has in your life today. You can embrace a more confident, self-validated, and empowered version of yourself starting right now. Are you ready to invest in your future and transform your life.

  • Time Line Therapy®
    Time Line Therapy®

    We all have a personal timeline--one for our past, and for our perceived future. In Time Line Therapy®, we utilize someone's concept of their internal timeline to work with their unconscious mind to quickly release "trapped" negative emotions, unwanted thoughts, or limiting beliefs.

  • White orchids

    Hypnotherapy uses relaxation, extreme concentration, and intense attention to achieve a heightened state of consciousness or mindfulness. The hypnotic state allows us to directly access the subconscious mind (the "control center" for all of our memories, thoughts, beliefs and behavior), where we can make changes that positively impact our behavior and habits, our perceptions, or even sensations (such as pain).

  • Feel deeper. Think higher
    Coaching Session (includes Guided Meditation for Emotional Release & Healing)

What my clients say...
Some of my clients have gotten more results from two sessions with me than they did within two or more years of traditional therapy.

Many of my clients are people who have tried traditional therapy before, but still felt like something was missing. I believe that “something” is a holistic approach that seeks to unify the mind-body-soul connection. While traditional therapy can be effective for mental and emotional processing, it’s less likely to sustain long-term results if it doesn’t address all three aspects of consciousness, as well as someone’s environment.

I was stuck and wanted help with what was blocking me from realizing my dreams -- dreams I’ve had for a long time! Christin provided the exact guidance, accountability, and self-awareness exercises I needed to move forward. I was impressed by her powerful ability to know just where to take things and how she tailored it to my needs. I appreciated her gentle, firm support, and working with her was quite motivating. Each coaching session was an unfolding, bringing depth of understanding to things I didn’t even know I wanted to work on. Because of the work, I have a newfound, amazing level of trust in myself, leaving me at ease and full of hope in my relationships. Thank you, Christin!

Donna D.

I really appreciated the accountability that Christin provided during our sessions. She challenged me and offered the support that I needed to challenge myself. Time line therapy was very effective in helping me discover emotions that I needed to release. Overall, an excellent coaching program that I recommend to anyone who is looking to grow in their self development.

Karol A.

Christin's ability to help her clients heal and overcome their obstacles is unparalleled. She's highly trained in a variety of healing modalities that release trauma and negative emotions not just consciously, but subconsciously. Working with her I felt heard, understood, and held in a safe space. She is so passionate about what she does and is a tremendous listener. Not only that, but she's able to really pinpoint what's holding me back just from my language! She's incredible and I highly recommend her as a coach. The expertise she provides is tremendous and the lasting transformation she facilitates in her clients is invaluable.

Hannah L.

Christin helped me become more aware and understand myself, as well as where I needed more healthy boundaries in my life. I learned how to love and forgive myself, to find calmness and peace within myself. She gave me a lot of tools that have supported me in my healing process and have sustained my growth even after our sessions were complete. As a result, I feel more at peace in my life, like I can live in a more loving and compassionate way toward myself and others.

Sandra R.